Giantslayer Test

9-8-17 Session Recap

Footprints in the Mud

Some quick notes about last session:

  • Recovered much treasure from the Vault of Thorns
  • Followed a trail of dwarf-sized footprints through the swamp
  • The footprints ended in a trampled area and did not exit, but orc/giant tracks did
  • Fought a shambling mound and some crocodiles while trekking back to the Chelish Devil
  • Got good and drunk with the ship's crew, with Bodgins and Halrex forming an unlikely bond and Raag renewing his friendship with Scarlett
  • The party has arrived at the dropoff point, spending the journey poring over an old map of the fort provided by Calrienne Blix and forming entry plans


trickytaco trickytaco

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